Master of Arts Education graduates

Contact: Jene Harris, Administrative Support


Thank you for your interest in the CSUMB Master of Arts in Education program.

The CSUMB Master of Arts in Education program is designed to serve practicing educational professionals who wish to become outstanding educators and teacher leaders in the area of curriculum and instruction or special education. The Program offers the chance to discover innovative and exciting research methods to teach and enhance learning for a diverse student population. Areas of study include curriculum design, advanced special education, methods of assessment, and integrating technology into the curriculum. MAE candidates will apply knowledge to improve their teaching and enhance the curriculum development process within their school system. A MAE prepares candidates to make significant contributions to the overall improvement of their schools or respective learning environment.
The MAE in Curriculum and Instruction or Special Education is not a teaching credential program. It is designed for people who have already completed a preliminary credential or who are working in an education related field that does not require a teaching credential (such as pre-K teacher, community college level, language institute).

Coursework is framed within a social justice and pluralism paradigm. Core program learning outcomes are as follows.

  • Critical Questioner: Students will express a critical, questioning perspective about diverse theoretical paradigms about curriculum, teaching, learning and school reform.
  • Scholar: Students will search, navigate, and critically consume (read, analyze, and use) educational research.
  • Action Researcher: Students will use, apply, design, and implement research to bring about change and make improvements in their own professional environment.
  • Educator: Students will demonstrate their knowledge of and ability to use the most appropriate culturally responsive practices that support complex and challenging learning.
  • Technological Navigator: Students will use technology critically to access information, to communicate, and as a means of curricular and pedagogical support for higher level thinking.
  • Communicator: Students will communicate clearly and effectively both orally and in writing, in a manner that commands professional attention.
  • Social Justice Collaborator: Students will work with communities of practice on behalf of social justice.

For more information check out the Program Completion Requirements