The Curriculum & Instruction track invites applications for Fall & Spring semesters.

Spring Application Filing Period closed

Fall Application Filing Period beginning October 1

Deadline: August 15th

Note: Applicants will need to apply to both the University and the M.A. in Education program.

Start by completing a general university application through CSU Mentor. A complete application to the graduate program of CSUMB, including required fees and supporting materials. You can apply to CSUMB online here.

M.A. in Education C & I track Application Process

Directions to apply to the MAE Program

After you complete the CSU Mentor application, you will be able to access our online M.A. in Education C & I track Program Application.  To complete our online application login to MyCSUMB or check your email for a link to your specific application.

NOTE: After you complete CSU Mentor you will receive an email regarding access to your Teacher Education application within 2-3 days.

Admission Requirements:

  • Completion of a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university. Admission and Records will verify your prior degree and your GPA.
  • Achievement of a grade point average of at least 2.75 at the undergraduate level and 3.00 at the post-baccalaureate level. Applicants who do not meet these minimum GPA requirements, .but are otherwise strong candidates, may request Provisional Admission.
  • Match between your background and professional goals, and our program. We will assess this match on the basis of your professional goal statement and your letters of recommendation.
  • Successful substantive prior work or personal experience that reflects some of the program's core outcomes.

Submission of proof of a valid teaching credential, for applicants teaching at levels requiring a credential (preK-12) to  MAE Program

  • Proof of current teaching position, two or more years successful teaching experience is strongly recommended.
  • For applicants teaching at educational levels that do not require a teaching credential (e.g., college level), the credential is not required.

Transcripts submission

• Please request Official Transcripts be sent directly from the originating institution of each college or university attended, including the transcript where the baccalaureate degree was earned to the CSUMB Office of Admissions.

Official High school transcripts if you are claiming high school courses for your foreign language competency to  MA in Education Program

Teacher Education Department, Building 3

California State University Monterey Bay
100 Campus Center
Seaside, CA 93955

CSUMB office of Admissions International candidates- Submission to proof of Official TOEFL scores results are required; Official transcripts are required.

  • Applicants who attended universities where transcripts are not printed in English official translation of transcripts course by course evaluation are required will need to secure an Official translation service; check the CSUMB website for detailed instructions Or
  • Check the CSUMB website for minimal scores on the paper and Internet versions of the exam
  • In addition to these requirements, there is a program co-requisite for foreign language mastery, associated with the MAE-LO “bilingual communicator”. NOTE: MAE Candidates cannot complete the  program, or be recommended for graduation, until all program requirements  including this one are met. This requirement can be fulfilled in several ways, including the following.
  •  Two (2) college semesters of one language other than English on a university transcript;
  •  Language assessment through World Languages & Cultures at CSUMB
  •  Completed two (2) high school years of one language other than English. (Official transcripts required)

NOTE: You will need to provide evidence of meeting this requirement prior to being graduated.

What about Tranfer Credits?

  • Candidates may transfer in up to 6 graduate credits (two courses), provided those credits will be no more than 7 years old at the time of the candidate’s proposed graduation, and that they fit the general focus of the program. Candidates with credits that are older than 7 years may be able to do some additional work to demonstrate that they have kept current in the field that the credit represent. Candidates will need to submit a syllabus or course description of any requested transfer credits.

Admission to the Master of Arts in Education program is by selection process, and is contingent on the availability of program space and faculty advisors. Meeting minimal admission requirements does not guarantee admission to the program. Overall criteria for admission into the Master of Arts in Education program include the following.